Body Zone

70% love it
Large club with 75 private rooms
The Body Zone is the more modern of Detroit's two gay bathhouses, offering a labyrinth of hallways lined with private rooms (available for 8-hour rental), steam room, an open shower room and lounge areas where porn is shown.


    • Canadianboys77
      Canadianboys77 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I was here recently for my birthday and it is new management now. There was a bit of an issue last time I was here with my partner so I complained and the owner immediately got back to me to find out what had happened and made sure to fix this problem immediately. They gave us VIP treatment for this issue and made us feel welcome! Thank you

    • mikesausser
      mikesausser Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Sex Club???
      I have never seen so many guys walking around and around...and around...covered in towels and wearing shorts, no smiling, not even a nod of acknowledgement when passing by for the 5th or 8th time! This was at 3:00am on a Saturday! Now I understand picky, just not jerky... I’m visiting from Southern California-West Hollywood/Palm Springs and perhaps I’m a bit jaded by friendly bathhouses and fuck clubs? I’m 6’2”, 190 pounds, blond, hazel, 34”w, terrific nips and am told that my DEEPTHROAT blowjobs are amazing but nobody got to find that out because nobody was having sex...I just kep watching the same, often handsome faces wandering...

    • Xrayguy92
      Xrayguy92 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Ugly and dirty place
      This place is expensive, ugly, and dirty. They don't even make up your bed for the price. Only older men go here. They even have a person in the parking lot that walks up to windows and creepily approaches you with questions while your getting ready to go I inside.

    • Anotharound
      Anotharound Over a year ago

      Better Than TNT

    • Chad1289
      Chad1289 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Will definitely go back.
      I would definitely go back to the body zone, I would love to hook up with alot of different kind of guys. I wish there would be guys that love to moan alot and kiss alot.

    • Mguy2014
      Mguy2014 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      slow slow slow
      Slow through the week but busy end of week and only because the management thinks its appropriate to have a mean and obnoxious desk clerk most of the time...On the weekends, there is a nicer older desk clerk...If the owners want to appear to give a care about anything they need to clean up their act soon...Provide the patrons with personable employess not the rude ones , Detroit department of Health really needs to check this place out it was reported that the mean tall desk clerk was giving out towels he dunked in the toilet ,let them dry then handed them out to guys who asked for another towel. Then they laugh about it while filming the angry customers with their phones. bz is both disgusting and fithy...and since the clientel are older it seems like elderly abuse... Gay men must be truly self loathing to go to this place.

    • michaelaz22
      michaelaz22 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      required to pay for a membership on top of locker or room? seedy area, rude employees, old patrons. me and my friend had to pay for memberships separately which is notmal but then we were required to choose either a locker or a room. i was getting the room for both of us but my friend was required to pay for a locker that we never used?

    • PeterS
      PeterS Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fantasies realized
      I really enjoy going to the Bodyzone (or the BZ, as it is sometimes called). It's a discreet hideaway where my gay male fantasies are regularly fulfilled. Populated by good looking, laid back men into all manner of activity. The various options (from a locker to a room to a tv room to a VIP room --- complete with minifridge, fan, dresser, tv and large comfortable bed under a mirrored ceiling) are all reasonably priced and clean/comfortable. The public areas feature a shower room with camera, a dark room with exciting, stimulating videos, a steam room with a larger area and a smaller, more private area, a hot tub with camera, a small area with glorious holes in the wall adjacent to my absolute favorite --- a very comfortble leather and chains sling cubby to relax in and marvel at the activities taking place in the mirrored ceilings. Lots of camaraderie in the hallways. A tanning booth, a regular tv area with comfortable chairs, a pool table, workout equipment and vending machines with toys and stimulating items. Great thumping music and exciting, stimulating videos are broadcast throughout. A guaranteed great, relaxing time. You'll be both freed and hooked. Look for me in the sling cubby!! I'll be waiting hard for you. They even have theme nights --- college hunks, leather and blackout parties.

    • travelive98
      travelive98 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Went to go in tonight. RUDE attendant complained that I rang the doorbell when I clearly couldnt see him! Asked the attendant if the place had a whirpool. He immediately said no. Really rude. I dont know what goes on in here when people are trying to relax, but something tells me i dont want to find out! Next time I want to go swimming at night ill check out 24 hour fitness. Also,the pushy car attendant (bad area) tried to get me to park in the front when I was pulling out the back! Just goes to show how probably desperate for business they are. Bad area and bad attitude im not gonna be back. Building looked ok though, so 2 stars

    • JayFielder
      JayFielder Over a year ago
      Hates it

      hot time
      From Waterloo. The place was ok ( just ok ) It was a little wierd having my licence held until I checked out. Lots of rooms and halls I only got lost 2 times! The staff was ok, the place was relatively clean. Richard had a great unit. ( hi Richard ) Too bad I'm a top. I think it was top night!! Couldnt find a decent bottom in the place. Jay

    • dexter77
      dexter77 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Give Me More
      Visiting from California,I had a terrific time at the BZ. Ok,so it isn't as refined as "The Steamworks" in Berkley or Chicago. I could care less how the place is decorated or if the help has bad manners. The men were hot, plentiful and FUN. So much fun, that I went 9 times during my 14 day visit. The surroundings are like visiting a prison, it can add to the allure going in. A Fun place I became addicted to,no pun intended.

    • Hipster75
      Hipster75 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Dank & Dirty, Mostly Over 30
      seriously...who WRITES these idiotic reviews? Let's be realistic and take a look at the facility. It obviously was a warehouse or factory at some point and still looks like it. No renovations were made to make it any prettier. It's a one story brick industrial building surrounded by barbed wire at a rather questionable exit off of I-75. Once inside, it is very base and simple. It is a large dark building divided by a confusing labyrinth of hallways, questionable smells (mostly sweat , mold and marijuana), and men of lesser ilk. The "glory hole" room is a bathroom sized room divided by a wooden 'stall' wall painted black & with no lighting. The "hot tub" is an outdoor one that they hauled in & stuck into the loading dock area. The steam room had water issues this past week and sitting water was everywhere. It stunk horribly and you were walking in inches of water. The clientele was a mixed bag of strapping young hot muscled twinks, athletic 'frat boy' types. It was embarassing. The majority of the men did not have sex as they liked to stand and 'pose & model" for onlookers. The crowd levels were very odd to say the least. I had gone on Friday and it was packed full to maximum capacity even at 5am in the morning, but when I went this past Thursday at 11pm- there was perhaps 1 dozen or less men. There are zero amenities to speak of, but the staff was very friendly and accomodating- offering both advice and information on the local "scene" while maintaining as much professionalism as they could with this particular location. I "will" give them credit for instilling more themed events- hopefully to attract a higher standard crowd. Who knows what the future may hold for Body Zone? Something NEEDS to be done!

    • littlebecky99
      littlebecky99 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Best club in Detroit
      The Zone is a fantastic place to cruise....There is a video room, sling room, dark room, gloryholes, party rooms available, 75 smaller private rooms. Hot tub and wet sauna..Place is very friendly, staff knows why you are here and don't hassle you...Many older guys looking for hook-ups....Would luv to see it more tranny friendly though because I enjoy dressing up...

    • CovertCruiser
      CovertCruiser Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Classic Bathhouse - a bit sketchy
      Of the two baths in Detroit I must say I prefer BZ. The place is relaxed, not over decorated with kitchy junk. Just a dark cruisy club with a decent crowd. The clientele at a bit on the older side but there are a lot of young, hot, tight bodies. The amenities are ok. The staff was pleasant and left you alone to do you dirty deeds. Some moldy smells here and there but it's a dank bathhouse! Of the two baths I only got off at BZ. three times in one night. If I come back to Detroit I'll visit again.

    • jblovier
      jblovier Over a year ago
      Hates it

      the staff
      the staff that works at the BZ,are very rude and mean to the customer! everyone that goes the feels the same way,very very rude.