94% love it
Drag queens, go-gos, hot bartenders
A long crowd meets here to experience the longest running female impersonation review in Michigan history.


    • JerryBrian
      JerryBrian Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Lots of Fun
      Serious performers doing an outstanding job at drag burlesque , and a comedy act from the hostess. Young in years but still old school style drag queens that don't apologize for having a blast!

    • Anotharound
      Anotharound Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun place. Young and older.

    • Gonzo8266
      Gonzo8266 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      So very sad!
      So I have been away from Detroit for many years. I get back and one of the bars I decide to go back to is Gigi's. I was surprised to seehow much it has changed to a ghetto booty style bar, which was kewl with me even though I prefer club/house music. I did what I always do when I go out alone, stay out of the way. Enjoyed the drag show a little and strippers were to skinny for me. A bouncer, a short round bouncer, approached me and began screaming at me to get out of the hallway, of which I had been hanging most of the night. I walked in and off to the side and pulled money out to give to the drag queen performing when bouncer came at me again and began screaming that I cannot stand in doorway, which I was not, and screamed again that I need to step up and give the queen the money. I looked at him, pocketed my money and left. Mission accomplished. He wanted me out of there for some reason and I left.. Had I been the way I was years ago, I would have put him in his place verbally and physically.. It's a shame when staff treat paying patrons like someone who refused to sleep with them. I will go back one day with a team and dare him to approach me the same way again.. Disgusting person..

    • umicharchitect
      umicharchitect Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Gigis is the hottest club in Detroit right now

    • Baraboll
      Baraboll Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Can Be Fun
      this place has been open forever and has seen better days. It can be fun if the crowd is right

    • circumspice
      circumspice Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Delightfully Trashy
      Well - GiGi's is GiGi's - that sums it up. The bar is older and dated looking, the clientele leans toward trashy and young. They replaced their long-time staple drag queen (who was a riot!) with some crude, non-funny ("she" thinks by saying the f-word repeatedly she is being funny - not so), loud, talentless ugly queen. I cannot stress how terrible the show is... On the other hand, I always have fun when I go. The dance floor is small and crowded between go-go shows, and the music is good, but also leans toward "ghetto-booty" rather than typical club dance music. Go-go boys are all skinny as hell and queeny, but cute.

    • Dynomite
      Dynomite Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Your Not missing anything
      I stop by Gigi's on Saturday for the first time in years, to meet some friends... Boy has that place changed... everyone that works there seems so miserable now.. The only thing that remained the same was the drag show... I think they are doing the same act since 2001, when it was the last time I was there... Skip It!

    • pachita2
      pachita2 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      No place like gigis
      Even if its a lil place, the first time you go, u will be back...* thats for sure!!!! Dj Chico is the Best!!!! i do love going over there. U wont regret it, but listen, its fun when u go with all your gayfriends...* ^_^

    • How do you know?
      I am a man looking for a shemale or tg/ gret the idea. When I approached one she said...FUCK OFF...I'm a lesbian. How would I know? I was polite, I said, Hi, how are you tonight. How can you know if a shemale wants another shemale or not. If she had just said, "Im fine thanks but I am looking for a she,male too I would would have just said...Ok, thanks, have a great night. Lots of bad attitudes in there. Aan approached me and I tole him I was in to shemales he was all angry. WTF. This is a crazy place...skip was crazy that night anyhow.

    • SupaSteve
      SupaSteve Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best on Mondays, then on Fridays....
      This is a VERY diverse nightclub that prides itself on being diverse as well as a "staple" in the gay community for YEARS. The decor is actually updated frequently, they paint the interior about every couple of years and try to throw a lot of different "themed" parties there. They have go-go dancers and have a lot of friendly bar-tenders, although they can appear to be indifferent, but when they are busy, they are BUSY, they aren't trying to look unhappy. They pour a STRONG drink, especially UPSTAIRS on the LEFT side. Drinks are very reasonable. Cover is 5.00 18+. They do 2 different drag shows and 2 "go-go dancer" sessions. You may dance on the dance floor before, between, and after those performances. Personally, I don't like drag shows or go-go dancers, so sometimes I don't go till around 1 am (haha) so I can just walk in, get a drink, slam it, and then the dance floor is free to dance at. The area is actually borderline "scary" becuase of the "ghetto" apartment complex that is located near the bar. It borderlines the completely Arabic city of Dearborn. (look it up at your own discretion). I would suggest parking inside valet, in the Park-yourself area inside the fence, or somewhere very close to the building or where you see others parking (try to follow a crowd in and out...although I have never had a bad experience here I have heard of a couple) You should probably take someone with you to feel more comfortable because of the diverse crowd it can seem to be a little "click-ish" and if you are stuck-up or rude, don't expect to throw your attitude around becuase being in Detroit, one of these other "queens" or "ghetto" people will be quick to put you in check. Monday is the best (if interested in dancing guys/girls/lesbians/gays/black/white/hispanic/latin/arabic upstairs and downstairs are open) on Fridays, the same type of crowd, but only the upstairs is open. Saturdays, I have never been but heard it is for the audiences that prefers drag shows, so you decide what night to go there :) You can definitely LET LOOSE here and be yourself because no one will really judge you here.

    • savguy32
      savguy32 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Scary Scary Place
      This place was a joke. The bartender in the basement was very short with me when I was asking about other places. I am not sure if she was offended but how could she be? I would be embarassed to tell anyone I worked there. You have to pay for parking, and a cover charge. I am not sure what the money goes to because the men there did not even have makeup on or their wigs on right. I was told it was the perfect place to start the night. I have to disagree, if you are drunk, on alot of x, maybe then it would be a great place to start the night. I felt like I was in a bowling alley/pool hall. Do not go.

    • Starbucks313
      Starbucks313 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This place is a mess! Keep driving.
      So after looking at all of the reviews, I decided to check it out. Who writes these things? They Lie! I am in my mid 30's and I was the youngest one there. Additionally, the place looked like something Buffalo Bill would run in "Silence of the Lambs". It really was not a "club" environment, more of a down home, hole in the wall. Unless you want to put the lotion in the basket, run Clairese run!!

    • cdthompson38
      cdthompson38 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I was born and raised here so it is one of the places that you can go and always have a helluva time. The gogo dancers are cute, and the shows are hillarious.